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Teacher Valentine’s Day gift idea & FREE Printable

Remember how exciting it used to be handing out your Valentine’s in school on Valentine’s Day? That’s the feeling I get when putting together gifts for my kiddos’ teachers! It's fun putting little gifts together for the people who teach and help shape our little ones' minds, but not going to lie, sometimes coming up with ideas that aren’t the norm is kind of tricky so this year I’m here to help!

Personalized things, at least for me, always look like they took that step above so I decided to personalize a pencil holder with my Cricut and add some super cute goodies to it! If you do not have a Cricut, letter stickers from the craft store work well too. The pencil holder itself was pretty inexpensive, only a few bucks from Walmart. (Find similar here). I added:

  • pencils

  • sticky notes

  • chocolate

  • Starbucks gift card

Then add some crinkle shred to fill in the cup and ribbon make it pretty! I created a tag to tie it all in that says “You’re the WRITE teacher for me” because who doesn’t love a good pun?! Haha! And I finished it off with some cute coordinating printables from Thread Mama. If you’d like to put something similar together I made the tags free for you to download here!

If you use the tags I would love to see! Tag me on Instagram (and let’s be friends if we aren’t already) @mrscofieldandco

Hope this idea inspired you, Happy Valentine’s Day friends!



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