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DIY Smiley Face Birthday Favor Hats with FREE Tag Printable

Checkers and smileys...two of the things that are in right now and I ain't mad at it! The smiley faces bring me back to my elementary days for sure! So Royce just turned 11 and he's having a little party this weekend. The theme is "Long Live Boyhood" but with smiley face and checker print. With those two things in mind I had to brainstorm what I could do for favors for tween boys. I've seen smiley face beanies and trucker hats so I thought that would be a good idea!

I ended up going the DIY route for these hats because it was much cheaper to get bulk plain hats and a pack of patches off of Amazon than to get a bunch of smiley face ones. It's a simple DIY as all you need is the hats, patches, and some hot glue but I wanted to show you guys how I attached the tags and provide them to you for FREE!

I wanted to make the tags look like product tags you would find on an item in a store. My idea was to hang them up to look like a store display on one of the DIY party arches I have. So I added the barcode and I think they look pretty cool! I love how the whole display came together

See the mini tutorial on Instagram here

And get the free printable here

Tag me on Insta if you use them and don't forget to check back for the party blog post!




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