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Teacher Appreciation Hand Soap Gift & Free Printable

Teacher's deserve the world! They're literally shaping and molding our kids and the future so a whole week is very appropriate. This year Teacher Appreciation Week is May 8-12. I love to give gifts, it's one of my love languages. I love to think a little outside the box and then make it all pretty!

This idea isn't new, I've seen it on Pinterest but when I saw these pink apple shaped beads I had to figure out something I could use them for because they're adorable! I was thinking I could put them inside some kind of liquid...a lot of teachers have sinks in their classrooms so soap would be perfect!

I added gold star glitter to give it a little sparkle and then of course I had to add a tag and ribbon! I made the tags, and they're available for you to download for free! (Linked below) I'm also including a Dunkin' Donuts gift card because who doesn't love a gift card?!

All of the materials I used are linked below if you want to do something similar (there are red apple beads as well in a similar pack of beads). I found everything in stores so if you want to buy through my link (which I would greatly appreciate) and then do an in store pick up you can get it all and done before next week. Tag me on Instagram if you make this I'd love to see! @mrscofieldandco if you didn't know. And here's the video of me putting it together :)

Pink and ruler ribbon is from Hobby Lobby




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