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Super Sixth Birthday Sonic the Hedgehog Party

Lenox’s super sixth birthday party was such a super fun party! The second Sonic movie came out earlier this year and he’s been obsessed with both movies since then. When he said he wanted a Sonic party I knew that would be the perfect theme for him!

Characters aren’t usually my thing, but I know when I can take a certain character and make it more aesthetically pleasing, like I did with Royce’s Pikachu party seen here. This cute Sonic mug my older sister gave Royce for Christmas two years ago was major inspo for this party.

When I’m planning a character party I like to include the characters but in subtle ways. I knew this mug would be the perfect centerpiece! I was so excited when I found these bright blue flowers in a bouquet at the grocery store, they matched the decor perfectly!

I planned out the kid’s table first. Lenny has a Sonic shirt that has a black and white checkered pattern on it and since checkers are in I wanted to play off of that pattern. I got the runner off of Amazon and used blue and gold plates and star plates for the table settings.(I’ll link everything at the end.)

Besides the centerpiece, my other favorite part of the table were the favors. I did a gem shaped acrylic favor box because in Sonic 2 they’re going after the Chaos Emerald which is shaped just like the favor boxes so it worked out perfectly! I added glow in the dark tattoos and fruit candies in blue and red to match the theme. I tied them with my favorite velvet frayed ribbon along with checkered ribbon and star trim, added a tag and they came out so cute!

I also gave the kids Sonic and friends felt masks which were also on the table and such a hit!

For the cake table I went very simple. I didn’t want to use a traditional table and tablecloth so I went with the bottom part of a hutch that we keep in the basement. I painted it a pretty shade of blue years ago and figured it could add a different pop of color to the party. There’s not a lot of surface space so I figured just the cake on top would be fine and then I’d stick some other little dessert in the drawer and keep it pulled out. I went with cupcakes with a checkered liner. When I found the cutest Sonic wrapping paper on Etsy I came up with the idea to add the paper inside the drawer as a liner…so cute right?!

The lady I get my cakes from wasn’t available and so I decided to just go simple and make my own. My cakes always come out delicious they’re just not the prettiest lol. Lenox asked for half vanilla half chocolate with strawberry mousse in the middle, kind of like a Neapolitan cake and it was yummy! I’m terrible at frosting them but I added a topper from my fave Fancy Free Finery and some Sonic figurines that I made little party hats for and I think they looked adorable!

For the backdrop I spray painted a large embroidery hoop gold to represent Sonic’s rings. I added a garland that said Super Six that I made with my Cricut and glitter cardstock and of course a balloon garland in the featured colors but with gold star and checkered balloons to tie it all together.

The kids played on slip n slides and with water balloons for a majority of the party and had a blast! The. They decorated their own tails and we played pin the tail on Tails courtesy of Jaya.

Lenox had so much fun with all of his friends! It was such a fun party and I of course enjoyed planning it as well.

Happy birthday Lenox!



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