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Lenox’s Magical Disneyland party!

This post is way overdue, he’s already turned another year old! But sometimes life gets in the way, especially when you add a new baby into the mix so here we are over a year later. This party turned out so cute and was so fun to plan because we love Disney, so another year may have passed but it definitely deserves its own blog post.

I chose to do Disneyland instead of Disney World just for the simple fact that it’s one park versus 4. I mean I totally could’ve picked one park like Magic Kingdom and went with that but something about Disneyland seems more vintage to me, not sure if it’s the huge ferris wheel or the logo but I love the look of both of those things and so Disneyland it was! Another reason why we chose this theme is because we were planning on going to Disney World in 2020 but you know that pesky pandemic derailed everyone’s plans and so the next best thing was a Disney themed birthday party!

Not sure where my inspo for the color theme came from but I loved all the blues and yellows together. I DIY’ed the Ferris wheel treat holder in the middle of the table and chose to keep it in its classic red color. The treat holder itself was actually pink, purple, and yellow and I got it years ago from HomeGoods I believe. I spray painted it and cut out the decal with my Cricut. The little buckets tend to tip over when you put stuff in them so I just left it empty and it kind of was the star of the table.

I made the cake topper with my Cricut as well. Pulled inspiration from Pinterest for the simple cake with sprinkles but paired with the Disneyland logo topper and I think it looked adorable!

For treats I wanted to go with things you usually see in the park. So I made Rice Krispie treats, and churros, I had plans on doing a homemade Dole whip and Mickey pretzels but unfortunately ran out of time. I also had cookies made by Alana from Cake and Crumb (she made the cake too) to look like the treats you see in the park as well, and they turned out so stinking cute! I also included popcorn and cotton candy which was the take home favor.

So for the cotton candy favors I bought treat bags from Hobby lobby, I cut Mickey out of vinyl using my Cricut and layered them onto the bags. I found yellow and white cotton candy at party city in little tubs that I took out and put into the bags and then added a stick. I tied the bag to close it with some twine and added a cute little thank you tag from Stacey of Stacey sweet stuff on Etsy. I absolutely loved how they turned out!

The backdrop was also designed by Stacey to match the cake topper and to resemble the classic park signage. I had her add happiest birthday boy on earth for a fun little twist! I love a good balloon garland so I added black Mickey head silhouettes to this one and it turned out super cute!

The cake table is always the main attraction but this time I had a lot of fun coming up with and styling the kids table. I found these really cute ceramic houses from Michael’s that I think are supposed to be planters or some type of vase but I knew I could turn them into some of the shops from Main Street! Jaya and I painted them and then I added little details such as awnings out of card stock paper.

I used blue and white striped plates layered with round black ones and silver star ones. Added light blue napkins that had white fringe and ones that said Yay! on top for a fun effect. I put Mickey ear headbands at each place setting because the kids were going to be decorating their own ears. To finish the setting were white cups with silver stars and a fun coordinating drink stirrer from Design and Unwind.

How fun is that felt garland?! I added that and confetti to the table to add some texture.

And what’s a party in 2020 without hand sanitizer?! Found these ones at CVS which were also perfect to put on the table!

It was the second year in a row where the rain tried to ruin our plans but we made it work and he had a magical day!


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