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Craft Closet Office {Cloffice} Small Space Series

Hi friends! So excited to share part 2 of my small space series with you…my craft office closet aka cloffice! I don’t know why, but I think that word, or lack there of, because I’m not even sure that’s a real word, is so funny! I’ve seen that term floating around the internet though so I assure you people do use it.

This tiny space actually came to be two years ago when the kids had to do hybrid schooling. I had a small desk in a nook between the dinning area and living room that I turned into the boys school nook. Well I needed somewhere for my crafting stuff to go so I decided to try turning our very messy coat closet into my craft space. I recently refreshed it to what you see today.

When I searched for inspo on Pinterest and came across these peg boards from IKEA I knew they would be perfect! They come in different sizes and since I was planning on keeping the closet shelf I decided on getting two of the slim ones to fit on either side of the support rod.

Ikea also sells a lot of accessories to add to the boards. Lots of little hooks and clips, pen holders , those fun clear containers you see that slide off of the metal tops to store whatever your heart desires (I just have some felt rainbow shapes on display right now), and even mini shelves. (Close up below.)

As for the desk, I bet you could tell how excited I was to find this one, and the dimensions were exactly what I was looking for…definitely meant to be! Love that it has drawers wide enough to store 12x12 cardstock paper and a leaf that pulls up for extra working space. I can’t pull the leaf up while it’s in the closet, but another great perk is that is has wheels! So I could roll it out and use it if I need more space.

Also perfect size for storing/using a Cricut on. I added some extra storage bins underneath the desk as well. I have more craft things in the basement but I like to keep the things I use often up here. These clear bins from Target were the perfect fit for sliding under there.

I have a little obsession with baskets, especially the woven hyacinth type (just ask my husband lol). So I knew I wanted to add those at the top for storage to add in some warmth and texture. I luckily found the 2 smaller ones in Marshall’s and then went on a hunt for a third, with no luck. I got tired of trying to hunt down another one so I took to Amazon. It’s much larger but after buying 2 more on Amazon that were also slightly larger and then finding out that 3 larger ones wouldn’t all fit, I took my daughter’s advice and just put the larger one in the middle. I had to have statement labels so I asked my friend Miranda from Chalk Designs by Me for custom tags and I love the classic look!

All of the other little storage pieces were Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/HomeGoods finds with the exception of the ribbon holder. I’m a fan of pretty ribbon and thought it would be fun to have some of my favorites on display. I searched for a ribbon holder and came across this one from Michael’s. It’s actually labeled as a holder for vinyl but I knew it would work for ribbon too.

(All of the ribbon displayed here is from Hobby Lobby.)

It’s also a great place to hang my camera :)

So one of my favorite things in this closet is the “wallpaper.” Why do I put wallpaper in quotations you ask? Because it’s not actually wallpaper but wrapping paper! I love a pretty accent wall but a lot of peel and stick wallpaper doesn’t stick to textured walls and inside of all of our closets the walls are textured. I had an idea to use wrapping paper and tested it out with a spare roll I had and loved the look! So the next day I went out to TJ Maxx and found this pretty print which was perfect for my muted pink loving heart! I put it up by using double sided carpet tape because that’s what I had on hand but it’s about 2 months later and it’s still holding up well.

My other favorite piece in this closet is my This is my happy place LED sign. I knew I wanted a type of sign like this and accidentally ran into one in HomeGoods. I thought it was the perfect saying for this happy little space I curated filled with things I can create with which always makes my heart so happy!

Another thing that make my heart happy…sharing this all with you! I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my cloffice and if you have any questions let me know, I’m always here to help! (Anything I could link is linked below.)

Oh and I can’t forget, I also added a metal folding chair that I spray painted and put a chair cushion on. This way I could sit and work and be comfy, and then fold it up and close the door when I’m done!


Printer (love how small this is and great quality!)


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