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Hooray Heroes-The Adventures of Lenox and Royce! Featuring Lovelee the Plushie!

Okay, so this is hands down our new favorite book to read! It is SO adorable! Who wouldn't love to see themselves in a story book, with their name printed throughout? I mean, so cool! The little characters even look like Lenox and Royce which makes it that much cooler!

After you personalize the characters, you pick which short stories you would like to include in the book. I love this feature because there are so many adventures to choose from and you can even pre-read them! The great thing about this is we don't read the whole book in one night! The book has 15 short stories in it, and we have been picking a different one to read every night. The boys have been loving the stories, they get a kick out of them actually being in the book!

See what I mean? Ha!

Besides seeing themselves in the stories, and enjoying hearing about their adventures, the thing that takes the book to the next level is the new option to add a plushie! See that cute blue elephant Lenox is holding on to? That's Lovelee, a huggable plushie that is seen throughout the book! Each book has a different sidekick/plush toy that is pictured throughout the story. Now you can pick one out and add it on to your book order to make the story really come to life! Royce and Lenox love this stuffed animal and have been totally fighting over it! I can't blame them though, it is pretty darn cute!

I mean?! Insert all the heart eyes here!

Didn't think it could get much better or cuter? Each plushie comes in a box that is also their homeworld, so you can keep it for play! It also comes with a little photo album that helps them learn more about their new sidekick. The photo album is adorable and just makes it so much fun!

The whole bundle would make such an amazing birthday or Christmas gift! There is even a section where you can write a prsonalized dedication to the recipient. I definitely took advantage of that option to write a sweet little message to my boys. It's defintiely a keepsake and I hope they continue to enjoy it for years to come!

I linked the website above, but for good measure here it is again if you would like to personalize your own Hooray Heroes story book and plushie for a special child or children in your life!

This post was sponsored by Hooray Heroes but all thoughts and opinions are my own (and my boys!).


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