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Boys' Room Refresh featuring Crane USA

So we did the boys' room over last February/March 2019 but never got around to taking pictures and blogging about it. One reason is I was searching for a matching comforter for the top bunk but could never find one. I kind of gave up and forgot about it. There was a twin bed and crib in here to begin with but we got them an IKEA bed (which we "hacked" into a bunkbed) to save space because the room isn't very wide, it's on the long side so a bunkbed works much better than 2 twin beds. Also the ceilings aren't very high which is a reason we went with the IKEA KURA. The bed part can be on the bottom or top kind of like a loft which is how we have it. We just put down a slatted base and a matress on top to the bottom "bunk" and there you have it!

Their room was black and white and pops of royal blue before we did it over, and I love black and white so I decided to keep the same color scheme. I still haven't gotten a matching comforter for the top bunk but I did recently find these black and white buffalo plaid pillows that came in a 2 pack from T.J. Maxx so I thought it would bring the look together even if the blankets weren't the same. Also added these adorable Opal House stripe and tassel curtains from Target that I am obssessed with!

The chalkboard "ruler" was a DIY, the pendant lights came from Amazon, and the sign from a shop on Etsy.

How cute is that little tooth fairy pillow?! I got it from this shop on Etsy a couple years ago, it say's Royce's tooth on the back! She also makes super cute girl ones too!

So a big addition to their room that I put up last December 2019 was this buffalo plaid removable wallpaper from Target! It ties the room together and I'm in love with it still!

This sign from Opal + Olive was a recent addition and I'm in Love with it! Goes perfectly in their room and in this spot.

And another big, yet little addition we put in their room was this humidifier from Crane USA! The air in their room gets so dry (and hot) and so this little humidifier packs a big punch! It fills the room with cool air and puts moisture back into the air. It humidifies rooms up to 500 square feet! We mostly put it on at night because other than helping with the air quality and control in their room it also helps promote a good night's sleep! We also have the Calm Humidifier Liquid which smells like lavender which also helps them sleep as well. One other bonus is it's Super quiet! Like whisper quiet, perfect for sleeping!

We have Chauncey the Polar Bear but they have so many adorable designs to chose from! We even got a Hello Kitty one for Jaya's room!

It has an easy on/off dial and the amount of air that comes out can be adjusted. Very kid friendly so the boys just switch it on at bedtime! It shuts off and notifies you with a red light when it is out of water keeping it safe for little one's rooms.

Royce and Lenox love having "Chauncey" in their room! I love that it keeps them comfortable at night!

This little kitchen came from IKEA and has been a big hit with Lenox! On the other side you can use it as a puppet, lemonade or any other stand you can think of complete with a chalkboard! I added my own "curtains" by using clips from Target and folding dish towels in half. The blue ones it came with just did not fit in with their decor. The cute little baskets came from Target as well.

This rug was in their room before and I rolled it up and put it away because I thought there were too many patterns going on. I put a smaller rug in front of their bed but I just kept thinking this area needed a rug. I searched online a lot for something other than black and white to bring out the other bits of color they have on their room but just couldn't find anything I loved. So while cleaning their room I dug it back out from their coloset and I actually really like how it looks in there. Sure there may kind of be a lot of different patterns going on but I think it makes it fun!

This little area is on the other wall the kitchen is kiddie cornered on and opposite their bed. We keep their toys in the canvas totes (among other places in the house). The Imagine garland and rainbow pendant are from my shop The Daily Yay! and the magic pennant is from Shop Kind Kids Club. Love the pops of color this fun wall brings in!

For now their room is finished and I'm really happy with how it all came together! They love it too, which is what matters most!

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions below in the comments!


This post was sponsored by Crane USA, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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