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Stay Home this Easter and wear Festive Jammies! Easter Pajama Round Up

We all know Easter 2020 will be different with the stay home rule in effect due to COVID-19 but who said we can't still celebrate and be festive?! If you know me, then you know I'm all about festive celebrations! So one thing that I find fun is putting together coordinating Easter outfits for my kiddos. I look forward to doing this around this time each year, but since we will be staying home this year, I decided to be festive in a different way...wearing pajamas!

I mean who doesn't love holiday jammies? I know I love finding the perfect pair for the kids (or sometimes myself) for most holidays! I was planning on getting Easter pajamas for the kids anyway, so what better way to wear them than on Easter Day itself, and for the whole day! So I put together some of the cutest Easter pajamas I found around the web and the links for them below!

First up...coordinating pajamas for brothers and sisters!


1. Pink Dot/ Blue Striped Hanna Andersson 2. Blue Bunny/ Pink Bunny Little Sleepies

Up next...Boy Easter PJ's!

And last but not least...Girl and Mommy & Me!

4. Mommy & Me Pink Bunny 5. Mommy & Me Striped Bunny Set (Use code ANJOY for 15% off!)

Hope you found some cute options for your littles! And if you didn't find the perfect pair for you in this blog post I found a bunch of other super cute options on Amazon! Stay safe friends and Happy Easter from me and my crew!

P.S.- Me and Jaya's PJ's are from Shein and they gave me a unique discount code just for you guys! Use code ANJOY through April 30th 2020 to get 15% off your total order! (Their prices are already SUPER LOW so you'll be paying next to nothing ;)


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