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3...2..1..Blast Off! Royce's Rocket Party! 7th Birthday in Space

And...3...2..1...he's 7! Can't believe he's 7! I know I say that every time one of the kids' birthdays role around but the years just fly by so fast!

Seven just seems so much older! He's not the little baby that we all used to laugh at almost everything that came out of his mouth because he was wise beyond his years! He was my little talker, still is, but we were always so surprised at how much and how clearly he talked at such an early age. Lenox seems to have stolen that show now taking after his big brother.

We usually brainstorm together on what kind of party they want months (and months) beforehand. I saw some cute space themed party items in Target and when I mentioned a space party he was on board (love when that happens)! When I started looking on Pinterest I found so many cute ideas and decor, ones that I loved even more than what I saw at Target. Meri Meri has THEE cutest party supplies and once I saw that rocket balloon and matching items I was sold!

I mean...SO cute right?!!

Originally I was going to use blues and oranges in the color scheme but I'm a sucker for black and white! I saw a bunch of photos on Pinterest and Instagram using a more neutral color palette and I had to go that route! I was inspired by one picture that had a somewhat similar backdrop and I knew if I hit up my friend Stacy on Etsy she could design one to go with what I had in mind as well as matching items to go with. Of course she delivered!

I had it printed at a local print shop literally down the street from me. The quality is pretty amazing!

Balloon garlands are so popular right now and I absolutely Love them!! They add color, texture, and so much fun to a space! I used white, silver in metallic and chrome and those marble balloons just add the right touch of outer space as well as the little stars!

For his table I wanted it to have a more modern look so no tablecloth which means the table has to be pretty cute. I got this one from Ikea, they had it in black and white, it was the perfect size and only $25...can't beat that!

For treats I just went with a few that went with the theme including Meteorites (rock candy lollipops), Vortex Pops (swirly pops), Galaxy cake pops, and outer space cookies.

And can we just take a sec to appreciate these cookies?! Stephanie from What the Crumb is seriously SO talented!

The little planets with the rings?! Love!!

I decided to make his cake this year since it was pretty simple, and since Jaya's cake came out so delicious! I'm not great at frosting but I bought a cake turn table that came with frosting tools which made it a lot easier. I don't think I did too bad of a job (minus the fingerprint...oops) and I even created my own sprinkle mix.

Love the cake topper and how it matches the balloon and these cups! It might've actually been the cups that sealed the deal for me!

This little set up was on the child sized guest table I rented along with mini sized black chivari chairs. Everyone kept commenting on how cute the little chairs were.

Can you blame them? They are pretty adorable!

And we had a small "Refueling Station" aka drink station where I put the favor bags as well. The kids filled their bags with candy from the star shaped piñata that was featured on the dessert table, and little prizes and money the found on our "moon rock" hunt. The moon rocks were plastic Easter eggs filled with things that were wrapped in tin foil to make them look like they came from space!

The guests also launched paper rockets that they decorated using straws. All of his friends seemed to have a great time including the birthday boy!

Look at that cute little face, I can eat him and that cake right up!

Happy 7th birthday Roycie! Love you to the moon and back!

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did styling and throwing this party!


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