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It's my Baby's Birthday! Birthday Breakfast & Photoshoot

Today my littlest one turns TWO and I'm in disbelief! These past two years have flown by so fast! I feel like my husband was just driving me to the hospital as I felt like I was dying! Haha, worst car ride of my life but led to the speedy delivery of the most precious little boy! He was definitely the perfect addition to this little family of ours. We all fell head over heels for him then and are still obsessed with him now!

So, being the party planner that I am, he is of course having a birthday party in a couple of days but I do something to celebrate all of my kid's big day every year! A few years ago I started making them a special little breakfast the morning of their birthday and I also give them a little gift. And of course, any excuse to decorate something, I decorate the around their place setting. It's just something that makes their day extra special, I love seeing their faces when they come downstairs in the morning!

Lenox is obsessed with Mickey Mouse! (Which makes my heart happy lol.) His birthday party theme is vintage Mickey, so I decided I would decorate his birthday breakfast with a Mickey theme as well. I usually just use some of the party decor that I am using for their actual birthday party to decorate the breakfast with. Both the pennant banner and Mickey head garland will be used on his cake table.

I made him this little mini sized Mickey hat a few months ago knowing that I would use it in his 2 year photos. If you didn't already know I have an Etsy shop and sell party decor including birthday hats for all ages! Karacakes Boutique

So I usually do pancakes, and by pancakes I mean the little mini ones that you heat up in the microwave. Birthdays have been falling on weekdays which means school, (for the bigger kids at least) and the mornings are already hectic, I don't have time to make pancakes. Lucky for Lenox his birthday is in the summer, so today he got extra special ones! Complete with Mickey sprinkles!

I planned to take his 2 year photos today as well at a local park, and then let him run around afterward. I thought it would be fun to have a picnic there as well but with a dental appointment for his big sis late morning which ran into nap time it didn't quite work out. We found out the park had picnic tables so we will def go back soon for a picnic! I was worried about him not cooperating for pictures because I thought he would just want to run around and play but he did so good in the beginning! I got a lot of cute ones in different spots in the park. After a little while all he wanted to do was run around! Can't blame him though! On th way to the car we found a bunch of other picture worthy spots but by that point he was all set, guess we'll save those for another time! Anyway here are way too many pics of my now 2 year old...

Oh how we love you Lenox Henry! Happy Birthday!!


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