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I'm a mama of four with a passion for parties, home decor, creating and crafting! I became a mom at the age of 19 and although that is young it helped mold me into the person I am today! I realized I loved crafting things when I started a scrapbook for my then baby girl. Since then, I've stopped scrapbooking because I got into other creative things, such as styling parties, and creating content. Now run my own shop, The Daily Yay, dedicated to party and home décor as well as party accessories. I really enjoy taking photos of my kids, my crafts and décor and I love connecting with people! I also used to really enjoy writing, and even started out as an English major in college. I'm bringing my love for all of these things together here in my little piece of the internet. Hope you enjoy!

P.S.-You visit my shop by clicking shop at the top of your screen. I look forward to creating and connecting with you! 




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