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Lenny Turns TWO-dles! Vintage Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

Grab some ears and take a chair (haha!) and get ready for some fun and cute birthday party pictures! (Oh, and a cute baby, or should I say toddler, too!)

A vintage Steamboat Willie Mickey greeted guests and invited them to grab a pair of either Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears!

The cake table! I really wanted a vintage feel, so instead of using a 6 foot long table like I usually would I used a small console table that is usually in our upstairs hallway. I knew I wanted the drawers pulled out and filled with some type of treat to give the table more dimension so I purchased a vintage Mickey digital scrapbook paper set off of Etsy, rolled them into cones and filled them with popcorn!

I got excited when I found a set that came with a striped pattern since I was using red and white white stripes as the main pattern in the party decor, I immediately purchased it! Even more perfect that it had vintage Mickey and Minnie with her little daisy hat!

I kept the desserts to a minimum since the main table wasn't that big so in addition to the popcorn cones we had candy apples, and cake pops. The cake pops were my absolute favorite thing on the table (besides the awesome Mickey chalkboard drawn by my hubby!). I usually make most of the treats myself for the parties that I style so these were no exception. Here's a closer look!

That little hat though?!

I love having a husband that can draw! He's pretty good at it although he only ever does it if I (or the kids) ask. He passed that trait down to them because Jaya and Royce both draw really well especially for their ages! Me on the other hand.....I'll stick to making and decorating things, haha!

The cake came from a local bakery that is literally right down the street from us! I decided to save some money and make the topper myself which I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself! I vowed not to try to make a cake or decorate a cake using fondant because my daughter's 6th birthday cake, But after making the topper out of paper and not liking the look of it and really wanting the fondant version I took to Etsy in search of an affordable one. I discovered most of them were made out of a styrofoam ball and cut in half which seemed pretty easy, and it was! I love how it came out, but I did use paper to add his name to it.

I really wanted a place to add this cute red vintage looking drink caddy I have so I thought I drink station would be cute! Since there was no space on the table and I love the look of decking out a bar cart for parties, I bought an Ikea utility cart and used it as a bar cart (thanks Pinterest!). Best part is I have the perfect little corner to put it in our dinning area, another thing to decorate, yay! (So excited to turn it into a hot chocolate station when the weather gets colder, but I'll save that for a future post!)

I kept the centerpieces simple, just some baby's breath in mason jars wrapped in burlap. Found these cute vintage Mickey/Minnie pins at Target and made a little topper that said "Oh Two-dles." The favors were pretty simple too; kraft bags filled with Mickey themed candies and caramel creams with cute little tags by my fave Stacy of Stacy's Sweet Stuff on Etsy! She's literally been making all of my party printables for the last 5 years!

Some other favorite little details is this cute Disneyland hat with his name embroidered on it that he wore in his 2 year pictures I took, and these adorable felt Mickey balls that I strung on clear wire! We also had a hot diggity dog bar with lots of food! That table included this awesome Jelly Belly Mickey dispenser that I found at Marshall's on clearance, talk about a score!

Overall he had a great birthday party!

Can't ya tell?!

Thanks for stopping by!

Lenny's party is now featured on the popular Kara's Party Ideas website! Check it out here


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